Waterproof Microfiber Chenille Car Wash Mitt

Car Cleaning Mitt: The Ultimate Microfiber Car Wash Glove for a Spotless Ride! Effortless Car Washing: Say Goodbye to Tedious Cleaning! Gentle on Paint: Microfiber Softness for a Scratch-Free Finish! Stylish and Functional: A Pop of Color for Your Car Care Routine!

Color:Yellow + grey


The microfiber car wash mitt is a versa
tile cleaning tool designed for automotive detailing. Its soft and absorbent material gently removes dirt, grime, and debris without scratching delicate surfaces. The mitt’s ergonomic design ensures a comfortable grip, making it easy to maneuver around curves and contours.

Why Choose This Car Wash Mitt?
1. Premium Scratchless Microfiber: Ensures a gentle and effective wash, protecting your car’s delicate paint finish.
2. Multi-Surface Cleaning: Four distinct wash surfaces cater to various car areas.
– Yellow and Gray Sides: Ideal for paint and plastic surfaces, providing a thorough clean without scratching.
– Bug Mesh Sides: Effectively removes stubborn dirt, tree sap, tar, and more.
3. Exceptional Suds and Water Retention: Holds ample suds and water, enhancing cleaning efficiency and reducing the need for frequent re-dipping.
4. Comfortable and Secure Fit: Durable elastic cuff accommodates either hand, ensuring a comfortable and secure grip during washing.
5. Machine Washable and Easy Maintenance: Conveniently machine washable for hassle-free cleaning, extending its lifespan for years of scratch-free detailing.

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