Rubber Broom with Squeegee for Pet Hair Removal

Discover the ultimate Rubber Broom with Squeegee for efficient pet hair removal on carpets and more! With a 49-inch long handle, this fur remover rake tackles pet hair, lint, and fluff on carpets, hardwood floors, and tiles. Perfect for keeping your home spotless, its portable design offers practicality and ease of use. Get a powerful cleaning tool that makes pet hair and debris removal a breeze!

Product name: Rubber Broom with Squeegee for Pet Hair Removal
Item No.:1033BS
Size:49 x 13 x 3 inch
Bristle Material:Rubber
Handle Material :Rubber
Uses For Product:Floor Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning
Material Feature:Soft rubber bristles for scratch prevention


Our premium Rubber Pet Hair Sweeper, a game-changing tool designed specifically to tackle the most persistent pet hair and debris challenges. Combining a magnet-like rubber bristle design with an adjustable long-handle and a built-in squeegee, this all-in-one solution offers unparalleled cleaning performance across various surfaces. From carpets and floors to windows and upholstery, its versatile capabilities make it a must-have for pet owners and cleaning professionals alike. With easy maintenance and a convenient lint brush combo included, this kit ensures your spaces remain hair-free and spotless.

Pet Hair Removal Broom with Squeegee

Versatile Rubber Broom & Squeegee Tool】The soft rubber composition safeguards delicate surfaces from scratches, while the integrated squeegee blade swiftly clears water or liquid spills from a variety of surfaces, including windows, showers, and windshields, expanding the broom’s utility beyond just floors.
Ergonomic Adjustable Handle】With an extendable handle that reaches up to 49 inches, this pet hair rubber broom accommodates users of varying heights, providing a comfortable grip and minimizing physical strain during cleaning tasks.
Effortless Cleaning & Maintenance】The rubber broom head is designed for simple upkeep. A quick rinse under running water is sufficient to remove dirt from the bristles, or opt for a soap wash for a deeper clean, ensuring the broom remains hygienic and ready for subsequent use.
Complete Pet Hair Removal Kit】Our pet hair removal kit includes a handy lint brush combo, ideal for swiftly clearing loose hair and debris from sofas, car seats, floors, and cushions, making it a comprehensive solution for keeping your living and working spaces pristine.

Pet Hair Removal Broom with Squeegee Pet Hair Removal Broom with Squeegee


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