Microfiber Twisted Towel For Car Drying

AS4079 Gray Super-Absorbent Microfiber Twisted towel Car Drying Towels - Large Size, Rapid Dry, Lint-Free Detailing Cloth for Your Vehicle's Ultimate Clean Finish

Product Name:Microfiber Twisted Towel
Size:50*80cm/60*90cm or customized
Weight:800GSM/1000GSM/1200GSM or customized
Material:80% polyester,20% polyamide


At Asasas, we understand the frustration of residual lint during automotive detailing. That’s why we’ve engineered our super-absorbent car drying towels using a revolutionary microfiber technology. Our spiral-twist weave design not only accelerates water absorption but also ensures maximum water retention, making them the go-to choice for professionals seeking efficiency and quality.

High Absorption & Speed: Our towels, woven with long-loop twisted microfibers, provide an expansive contact area with water, enabling swift moisture absorption. This gentle gliding action across surfaces ensures a streak-free finish on car paints, glass, or plastics, all while maintaining the integrity of your vehicle’s exterior.

AS4079 Microfiber Twisted towel Car Drying Towels

Convenience & Versatility: Designed for ease of use, our car drying towels come in a hand-friendly size, making them perfect for quick drying tasks. With two towels at your disposal, you can efficiently manage water drainage from freshly washed vehicles without worrying about accidental drops or drags. Plus, their multipurpose nature extends to vehicle interiors and even pet grooming, offering greater value and flexibility.

AS4079 Microfiber Twisted towel Car Drying Towels

Lint-Free & Streak-Free: We take pride in our lint-free, streak-free guarantee. Each towel features soft, silk-stretch cloth trims around the edges, safeguarding against any potential harm to car paints. The spiral twist construction minimizes lint production, ensuring your car’s surface remains pristine, free from residue or machine clogging post-wash.

Trust in Asasas: Should you encounter dissatisfaction with any of our products, rest assured that customer satisfaction is our top priority. Our dedicated team stands ready to address your concerns and provide solutions that meet your expectations. Choose Asasas for reliable, high-performance detailing tools designed to elevate your business.

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