Microfiber Twisted Cloth Car Drying Towel

Dry Your Car in a Flash with Our Super Absorbent Microfiber Towel

Material 80%polyester 20% polyamid
Size 55X74cm /21.6X29 inches


The Ultimate Drying Towel is crafted with the finest microfiber in the industry, delivering unparalleled water absorption and streak-free drying. Its unique twist microfiber technology wicks away water in a single pass, making it the ultimate choice for quick and easy car drying. This ultra-soft towel is gentle on even the most delicate paint surfaces, preventing swirls and scratches. The combination of twist microfiber technology, long pile, and microfiber edging ensures a streak-free finish every time.

1.High Absorption:

Dimensions: 21.6 x 29 inches
Woven with long loop twisted microfibers
Increased contact area with water
Absorbs moisture quickly and gently

2.Lint-Free and Streak-Free:

Edges trimmed with soft silk stretch cloth
Prevents damage to car paint
Spiral twisted woven structure minimizes lint
Leaves no residue on surfaces


Can be used on car exteriors and interiors
More absorbent than ordinary towels
Great for drying pets

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