Microfiber Hot Yoga Towel Mat

ASY004 POLYTE Microfiber Hot Yoga Towel Mat with Non-Slip Silicone Grip and Secure Fit Elastic Straps,



Stability: designed with a nonslip silicone grip bottom and elastic straps at each corner to keep the towel secure and stable to your yoga mat or the floor; prevents bunching, sliding, and shifting, providing a solid foundation

Hygiene: always have a clean surface to practice your poses whether you place the towel on a yoga mat or on the floor

Functionality: absorbent and soft microfiber protects your mat and the floor from those sweaty bikram hot yoga sessions and is quick drying

Versatility: can be used with or without a yoga mat; elastic corner strap design is more flexible to accommodate different size mats

Lightweight and compact for an easy travel companion to your studio sessions, gym, vacation, beach or camping; machine wash for easy care

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