Car Interior Brush

B036 Automotive Exterior & Interior Multipurpose Cleaning Kit - Includes Vehicle Vent, Upholstery, and Gadget Brushes | Ideal for Both Car Detailing and Household Use | Premium Car Care Accessories

Product Name:Car Brush Interior Cleaner
Item No.:B036
Size:16.5×3.3×2 cm
Color: Green+White
Material:Microfiber , pp, nylon
Application: Seams, Window-Blinds, Keyboard, etc.


Our innovative, dual-purpose cleaner offers a convenient solution for maintaining cleanliness across multiple surfaces. Its easy-to-clean design, universal fit, and versatile applications make it an indispensable tool for detail-oriented cleaning tasks, while its compact size ensures it’s readily storable anywhere.

Dual-Purpose Cleaner: Featuring a dual-ended design with both microfiber cloth and bristled brush, our cleaner effectively tackles various cleaning tasks.
Easy Maintenance: The cleaner’s removable cloth cover allows for hassle-free washing, ensuring the tool remains sanitary for all uses.
Universal Fit: Engineered to adapt to air vents of any dimensions, this tool eliminates dust and grime with ease, making it an essential accessory for detailed cleaning.
Versatile Applications: Beyond air vents, this cleaner excels in maintaining keyboards, blinds, and shutters, showcasing its multifaceted utility.
Compact Form Factor: Measuring at a sleek 16.5cm by 3.3cm, our cleaner is space-efficient without compromising on functionality.

Car Interior BrushCar Interior Brush

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