Bath Sponge Shower Loofah

Exfoliating Shower Loofahs 50g Mesh Bath Scrunchies - Body Wash Puff with Enhanced Lathering for Deep Cleansing

Product name:Bath Sponge Shower Loofah
Size:Diameter 11cm
Advantage:Eco-friendly Soft Comfortable


Opulent Foaming Bath Sponges – Create a Luxurious Lather with Any Cleanser for Gentle Exfoliation and Deep Pore Cleansing
Eco-Friendly and Durable – Our premium loofah sponges are crafted from recycled materials, ensuring a long-lasting and sustainable product that won’t expire.
Convenient Hang-to-Dry Design – This plush bath pouf is easy to use and features a long hanging string for quick and hygienic drying.
Stylish Color Options – Choose from an array of colors for our luffa sponges, including White, Grey, Green, and Light Brown in assorted packs.
Initial Softness Note – Upon first use, the loofah may not appear as fluffy as expected. Rest assured, it will regain its full, round shape and size after a few uses

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