4 Pack Cooling Towel

Soft Breathable Chilly Towel, Ice Towel, Microfiber Towel for Yoga, Sport, Running, Workout,Gym, Camping, Fitness, Workout & More Activities(Multicolor)

SIZE :40”*12”
COLOR:Light Blue/Green/Pink/Grey


1. For sports and exercise, our product is perfect for activities such as running, trekking, camping, hiking, backpacking, cycling, yoga, golf, fitness, fishing, swimming, basketball, football, rugby, tennis, volleyball, boxing, traveling, climbing, weightlifting, rowing, beach activities, and more.
2. Our product is also great for physical treatment, providing relief from high body temperature, headaches, heatstroke prevention, and sunscreen protection.
3.For daily life: cooling while absorbing sweat for kitchen staff, outdoor workers, sports enthusiasts.

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