3D PVA Towel for for Car Drying

PVA003 Premium Super Absorber Car Cleaning Chamois Cloth crafted for excellence, 3D PVA Chamois Towel, and Synthetic Plas Chamois designed to elevate your car cleaning experience to the next level.

Product name: 3D PVA Towel
Color :As Picture
Size :43*32*0.2cm/64*32*0.2cm
Material:3D PVA
Package :polybag+tube


OUTSTANDING ABSORBENCY – Our 3D PVA cloth for car care boasts exceptional absorbent properties, swiftly soaking up and retaining substantial volumes of water, ensuring a pristine finish for your vehicle. Its sponge-like characteristics make it a reliable companion for swiftly managing accidental spills, such as coffee or drinks, encountered during frustrating stop-and-go scenarios in congested traffic.

PREMIUM-QUALITY MATERIAL – The luxuriously smooth texture of our 3D PVA cloth for cars effortlessly glides over your vehicle’s surface, leaving behind no blemishes or scratches. This car shammy towel is an essential asset for individuals who take pride in maintaining a spotless ride. To preserve the pristine condition of your Shammy, store it in a lightly damp state within its designated plastic container.

USER-FRIENDLY – Utilizing our 3D PVA cloth car drying towel during the drying process guarantees a streak-free and residue-free finish, enhancing the luster of your vehicle’s exterior. Should the shammy drying towel become saturated, simply wring it out and resume usage without interruption.

REUSABLE – The durability of our car drying towel ensures long-lasting performance for years to come. Maintenance is effortless – machine wash, rinse with a garden hose, or handwash to eliminate accumulated dirt and grime. Presented in two plastic tubes for proper storage, each purchase includes an additional bonus towel, providing you with added convenience and peace of mind.

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