18 inch Professional Microfiber Mop

Effortless Floor Maintenance: 18-inch Stainless Steel Swivel Mop with Premium Washable Microfiber Pads - Ideal for Wet/Dry Mopping on Hardwood, Vinyl, Laminate, and Tile Surfaces - Commercial Grade Cleaning System for Optimal Efficiency

Product name:Micofiber Mop
Material:Stainless Steel Handle+Aluminum Alloy+Microfiber
Size:17 x 1 x 51 inches


Efficient & Durable Microfiber Mop: Ultimate Cleaning Solution for Commercial & Residential Spaces

Optimized Cleaning Coverage: Our mop boasts an expansive 18-inch microfiber base, allowing you to sweep vast floor areas in a single pass. This industrial-strength cleaner combines a robust stainless steel handle, resistant to wear from rigorous use, with a sturdy aluminum alloy mop head, surpassing the durability of plastic alternatives. A smart Velcro attachment ensures swift pad changes for uninterrupted cleaning.

Innovative Ergonomic Design: Say goodbye to back strain with our height-adjustable handle, extendable from 24 to 45 inches, catering to cleaners of all statures. The 360-degree swivel head facilitates access to tight corners, around furniture, and under low-clearance spaces effortlessly. Its lightweight frame enables agile wall dusting and furniture detailing.

Reusable & Machine Wash Friendly: Equipped with four machine-washable, replaceable pads, this mop promotes sustainability and cost-effectiveness. The pads affix securely via a Velcro system, simplifying detachment for convenient cleaning and maintenance.

Versatile Microfiber Pads for Spotless Results:

  • Dry Sweeping: Our microfiber pads act as magnets, effortlessly attracting dust, debris, and pet hair, locking them within the fibers until laundered. Perfect for quick dry sweeps to maintain daily hygiene.
  • Wet Mopping: Engineered with a specialized blend of microfibers, our scrub pads intensify cleaning power without extra effort. This unique blend optimizes friction and cleaning performance, lifting stubborn dirt and grime with ease, offering a 30% higher cleaning efficiency compared to standard microfiber pads.



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